Logo Design

A logo should be clear, concise and adaptable to any format the client wishes. Therefore, when I design a logo, I distill the concept I am creating down to one or two colors as a basic image that can then be decorated with more elaborate styles at the discretion of the client for whatever need they may have. A truly great logo can be expanded to the side of a building, or shrunk down to a size so that it is legible on an ink pen. And always created in a vector format first.

"Randal Huiskens provided us with a complete solution beginning with a professional logo that fit within an integrated look to reflect our own work product.  We were proud to embrace Randal's designs in our PowerPoint presentations, collateral, letterhead/business cards and of course our website.  Randal spent extra time listening to our goals, presenting alternative views, and implementing a very effective solution."
--Roy Wollen, CEO and Managing Consultant