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Park District Of Highland Park

Early in 2006 the Park District initiated a process to revitalize Highland Park's lakefront. As one of only 14 communities out of over 1,200 in Illinois that are located on Lake Michigan, Highland Park enjoys a distinctive status in the state. Our lakefront has great ecological, economic, recreational, aesthetic and educational value.

The Park District convened a Lakefront Planning Commission to develop a vision and guide planning for Highland Park's four valuable and unique public lakefront parks. The district retained highly experienced waterfront planners JJR, LLC to develop a lakefront master-plan. Developing and realizing a vision for our lakefront parks is a true community-wide effort. Planning began with a Lakefront Summit in May, when over 120 people shared their ideas in discussion groups facilitated by the League of Women Voters.

In subsequent meetings almost 500 people attended and shared ideas. Over 160 comments have also been submitted through the mail and our website. Working from this input and guided by the Lakefront Planning Commission, JJR crystallized these ideas in the Lakefront Plan Executive Summary. The summary presents an overall vision for each of the four lakefront parks and establishes a series of long- and short- term recommendations that are park-specific in some cases and system-wide in others. General issues of year-round programming, habitat protection and restoration, public safety, park aesthetics and connecting parks to adjacent neighborhoods and the community in general are presented.

What's next? Based on this plan, more detailed planning will take place. Specific amenities will be delineated during the second phase, allowing for more accurate budgeting, prioritization and phasing. A financial plan for mak- ing the vision a reality will be worked out.

The continued involvement of a broad range of people with a diversity of ideas is essential to make the most of our magnificent lakefront. You can help create a special place that you, your family, the community and future generations can enjoy. Please visit the Park District's website, www.pdhp.org, to stay abreast of developments and share ideas.

For more information, visit www.pdhp.org.
Park District Of Highland Park

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