WaterWorks - 2007 Resource Guide

Kiddie Pool activities courtesy of Christine Beverson
and Dr. Janet R. Barrett of the Northwestern University School of Music.
Kiddie Pool illustrations by Michael Kline/www.dogfoose.com.
Kiddie Pool animations by Randal Huiskens/www.eyetopiadesign.com.

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Make A Splash With Sound - Children - Create Your Own Podcast!

Are you inspired by water? Here are a few things that you can do to continue your exploration of sound and water.

1. Find another piece of music that reminds you of the water, and create a podcast to let others know about your find!
2. Record the sound of water. Play with the different sounds, and sound combinations, that different forms of water can create. Then, record your water composition as a podcast!
3. Find a poem or painting whose theme is water, and create your own musical setting. Your composition could try to convey the watery theme of the poem or painting, or it could be a reflection of the mood that the text or picture creates.

What you will need:
A microphone - There are several options available, especially if you have some money to spend, but any USB microphone will work.
Audio software - You can download a free audio software package called Audacity by clicking here. If you are using a MacIntosh computer, and you have iLife software, you can use GarageBand to record your podcast.
A computer - To create your mp3 file, using the microphone and software listed above.

Sound Recording Tutorials — For more information on how to use the free Audacity software, we are providing links to some on-line tutorials:
Tutorials provided by the Audacity website:
An especially helpful tutorial in setting up Audacity to record by Podcasting expert Jason Van Orden:

Note: Ravinia Festival is not responsible for the content of these websites, they are merely provided to help you get the process of recording your first podcast started.

Export your sound file to MP3 format and e-mail it to us at: Ravinia.Fest@gmail.com

We will be featuring these podcasts on a special page at ravinia.org, coming soon!

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